"If you are looking for a cool place to go for a spritz at the end of the day, I'm sorry, you ended up on the wrong article. If you like plaisir cliffs with degrees do it again, I'm sorry, but go somewhere else If you like the walkway trail, where you go running on balcony paths showing off Kilian's latest outfit ... needless to say, but here only the legs count, when it comes to crossing deserted valleys on the 3,000-meter wire.

The Valle dell’Orco is a place for those who like to find along the wall with legs that tremble while the hands look for the right friend to place; for those who prefer the mountain huts or the piole to the aperitifs on the lakefront dressed as boulderers where you don't have to fear garlic in green anchovies; for those who warm up to read the history books of mountaineering, because a part of it has found its stage on these walls; for those for whom going for a run means ravishing in a stony ground. In short, the Orco Valley asks for and bestows sincerity. "

excerpt from an article of Skyalper of July 2019, by Federico Ravassard

Why Valle Orco? why South Face Paradise?

The above extract should have given you some clues ...


The Orco Valley is unique ..

Located on the Piedmont side of the Gran Paradiso, it is still an alpine corner of the wildest of the entire mountain range, which has undergone less "cementing" and the spread of mass tourism, thanks perhaps to the limits imposed by the oldest park Italian national team and the non-tourist mentality of the residents.


This meant that mass tourism did not develop as in the Valle d'Aosta side of the park or other Piedmontese valleys, and consequently the environment remained more authentic and uncontaminated. Some endangered animals such as the Gipeto have found their home here, and have started to multiply.


The pros of this story are to have a perfect area for practicing all types of outdoor activities, in an uncontaminated natural environment, where it is still possible to see animals in the wild and live experiences of true detachment from everyday life; the "cons" are those of not having adequate tourist facilities to host visitors and being largely unknown to most.


It is here that our idea, our challenge, of creating a highly specialized outdoor association in the area, which aims to promote it all over the world with a view to adventure and respect for the environment, and which offers people interested in the possibility of getting to know the area and being able to practice more than 9 different types of activities. All seasoned with top quality food and wine products.


Create a real network with all the players in the area, in order to create a "New Morning" in these valleys, for a thriving and sustainable future.



What makes life worthly to live for? 

friendship, nature, love and sun... dreams?

We are "LOCALS", born and raised in these valleys as beautiful as they are wild.


We attend them since childhood, when our parents bring us a rate for the first excursions; then we climbed and descended them on MTB, then we climbed them through their most beautiful routes, in summer and winter, with shoes or crampons, and finally we climbed and descended them on skis.


We did it and we still do it today at every hour of the day and night, because nothing repays our days like the emotions that we know transmit these mountains of ours.


We have seen sunrises and sunsets, we have suffered the cold and heat as well as fatigue, and sometimes we have risked not going home on our legs.


We experienced indescribable emotions, shared with local and non-local friends.


We love these valleys and mountains madly, and for this reason we would like to share with other outdoor, nature and sport lovers.

Luca, Simone and Marco... we are behind this association and behind the idea of turistic business with a sustainable view.

We are friend since elementary school, and we are trying to change two major things: our live and our place. 

Orco Valley is our place, and it's just amazing: nice weather, beatiful places, but economically speaking is a complete disaster...  no job offers, and all the people have job at least 50 km from their homes.

We are trying to change that, at least we have a dream of change that. As common for most of the mountain places, the tourism is the major or even the only economic driver, in our land it's completly missing. 

Almost casually we went through the new morning history, which as well as the natual scenario it makes a clear point about our roots. 

So that's what we are, our love and our dreams, trying to change and to live as much as possible "our place" and our nature, sharing that with people for a more sustainable live and future.

Let's help to let this dream come true.



“We are just lucky to live in such a paradise, which is wortly to share.” 



Naturalist, dam guardian, local hiking guide since 2010, absolutely love infinite and wilderness spaces, better with no one around.



Computer scientist, alpinist, rider.
He discovers the Orco Valley late, around the age of 30, but since then he can't do without it.



Andrea Migliano

Alpine Guide, ski instructor (non-international Swiss patent), Geography graduate (UNIMI).

He lives in Ceresole Reale where for six years he successfully managed the Massimo Mila refuge, and for five years manages with passion and dedication the Refuge Le Fonti Minerali, stopping place GTA, and meeting point of climbers and outdoor lovers.

Creator and organizer of the annual bouldering meeting Orcoblocco.

In addition to climbing, ski on the loneliest peaks of the Orco Valley looking for new lines; he descended the Gran Carro from the SW wall (2014), the Uja from the north wall (2015), the Corno Piccolo (2018) and the top of the Vacca east walls (2018).
Every year he takes part in expeditions around the planet, always looking for unexplored places and sought-after destinations. He skied and climbed mountains in Oman, Morocco, Yosemite - California, Utah, Patagonia of Chile and Argentina, Canada, Kenya, Ethiopia, Turkey, Georgia and in several countries of Europe.

In his curriculum appear climbs of various kinds, such as the North of the Matterhorn, the "Via dei Ragni" on the Cerro Torre, the "Capitan" from the "Freerider" route, or the opening of a new route on the 1000m wall of the Jebel Misht in Oman.

Alpine Guide, opener of new rock routes on Orco Valley and in different place of Gran Paradiso. 

Among the top experts of the Caporal and the Sergent Wall.

Although born and raised in the plains, the mountains have always been the ideal place to spend free time since childhood.

Even before becoming an Alpine Guide I was enchanted by the Orco Valley with its woods, its walls and its peaks and for this reason I chose it as a favorite place for my Guide activity and obviously also for relaxing days.

To let my climbing partners discover this corner of the Alps is an honor and a passion because here, in the Orco Valley, every rock, every path has a unique story to tell and every day spent in these mountains always gives great adventures.

Umberto Bado

Roberto Coggiola

I was born in Chivasso in 1970, I live in Valperga Canavese.

I have been an Alpine Guide since 2006, the year in which my great passion for the mountain in all its aspects became a profession.


Helicopter rescue technician and regional instructor at the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps.

I started to attend the mountains with the CAI after practicing competitive cycling for years.

During my activity I have traveled many itineraries on the entire Alpine arc, but the mountains of Gran Paradiso are the ones I love most.

Sharing the love and knowledge of the mountains with others makes me do the work of an Alpine Guide with enthusiasm.

He starts hiking and climbing in Gran Paradiso valleys, expecially in the Piedmont area, where he lives since 1981.

On these mountains, in the eighties he learns to climb.

Many mountains, many friends, many routes around in the Alps and a passion for a job deeply in touch with people and nature, take him, in 1997, to get a UIAGM mountain guide license.

Since then Stefano works with the goal to let people discover mountains in all the different aspects.

His passion drives him to work in different alpine areas: Monte Rosa, Verbier, Chamonix and Zermatt, strictly in touch with other mountain guides, realizing a continuous human and professional exchange and growth.


This job, performed in very international locations, teach him a very open and international approach as a guide.

Stefano Dalla Gasperina

Davide Ceresa Prina 

MTB guide, manager of the "Il Pirata" bar, great connoisseur of the area and discoverer of new paths.

The Pirate is a reference for all outdoor lovers in Valle Orco, is the main point of support for MTB / E-bike excursions, and provides updated information on the area. E-Bike rental is also possible at its bar.

A passion transformed into work.

Share the wonders of the Orco Valley with people through the use of the E-Bike, where pedaling is not an end in itself but a way to admire, love and respect nature.

Having fun, having fun, and creating a synergy between people and nature.

In constant search for new paths, he devotes part of his time to rearranging the paths.

Proprietario e fondatore di Alp Adventure, guida di Canyoning con brevetto CIC.

Jari vanta un esperienza 20ennale e diverse spedizioni internazionali.

Unica Guida italiana con brevetto internazionale, segue le orme di Dario Ferro che fondò Canyoning Valle d’Aosta nel 1991.

Jari Triboldi

Gianluca Torassa

Socio di Alp Adventure, guida di Canyoning con brevetto AIGC.

Gianluca Torassa (Thor), oltre che Guida Canyoning e Maestro di torrentismo , è una Guida Rafting F.I.Raft e speleologo dal 2004; ama l'h2o in tutte le sue forme.

He has been driving since 2015, loves to explore the valleys from top to bottom, always on the hunt for new views and perspectives.

She adds her biologist skills to simple walking, so that the experience of hiking also becomes a way to better understand the wonderful nature that surrounds us and the creatures that inhabit it.

His passion for the mountains is so strong that he has done a job ... double!

In addition to being a Guide, he manages the Muzio Refuge (Ceresole Reale) all year round, so now the mountain has also become his home!

Giulia Marangoni

Mauro Oria

Hiking guide, mountaineering instructor, member of the National Alpine Rescue Corps, Snow Watcher in AINEVA.

He lives in Piedmont, carrying out mountain activities for passion.

To his credit some new climbing routes in the high mountains and new icefalls.

My name is Roberto Calcagno and I have been driving for 10 years, after leaving my (much more boring) engineering career.

I would like to share my passion for the Alps with as many people as possible. Our mountains have nothing to envy to any mountain range in the world.

I say this from experience after living for more than two years in Chile and Thailand and after traveling across much of the planet, given my boundless curiosity for the different.

During my travels I have seen and experienced memorable experiences in the Andes, the Himalayas, the Atlas Mountains, Pamir and the Caucasus, as well as many other splendid places in Southeast Asia, Russia and Africa.

Seeing the joy in the eyes of those I accompany in the mountains is for me the greatest reward for the efforts made. I love my land and I am proud to let everyone discover it. Because the Alps belong to everyone, only a few know it. I would like the Alps to become a world reference for trekking and in general for outdoor activities.

Founder of www.trekking-alps.com

Roberto Calcagno



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