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Alpinism in Valsoera - Destrera Peak (Monte Destrera)

3 Days - 800 EURO

Mount Destrera is a 2596 m mountain in Valsoera, which has a granite wall of about 300m on its west side.

Several lines of each level have been opened on this excellent rock wall, where climbing is never trivial given the mountaineering style (low presence of bolts) and the context of isolation.

It therefore presents all the characteristics to be proposed as one of the rock jewels of the southern slope of the Gran Paradiso.

Physically demanding and technically never banal, it also offers a challenge to expert mountaineers, within a breathtaking scenario.



3 days / 2 night
Any modification or extension of the programme is available




Valsoera Valley (Turin, Orco Valley - Italy)


Level: intermediate/advanced

This journey is adapt to climber with minium level 5.9 - 5c/6a. Several route are available depending on the level or the meteo during the days. The programme could be modified  in according to the specific level  or any specific request.



June - September


  • 3 days on the Italian alps based on Piantonetto Valley

  • alpinistic climb to the Destrera Peak (Monte Destrera) a granite tower of  2596 m, through a classic TRAD route

  • Local cuisine and elite location

  • programme completly adjustable with other activities from our portfolio


We reach in the morning the Pontese refuge and practice one of the nearby cliffs to get familiar with the rock and local climbing techniques.
In the afternoon, after lunch in Pontese, we move directly to the Pocchiola-Meneghello Refuge 2440 m (about 2 h) where we prepare for the bivouac.

The next day you are ready to experience a trip to a remote area in a full immersion on the rock.


After reaching the summit, we start the descending from the normal route, in the direction of Rifugio Pontese (about 2.5 h)

Arriving at Pontese after this long day, an abundant dinner and well-deserved rest await us.

Wake up, breakfast, and we begin the descent to Piantonetto, where we take the car and head to Locana.

The package is fully customizable, in terms of days and activities.
It is always possible to add or remove services, as needed.


  • Via Locatelli

CUSTOMIZE your Experience

All the services and facilities are complete adjustable, please contact us to design your experience and to get a direct evaluation of the prize.


Other Facilities or transfer? 

We can arrange all the transfer, also the ones not included in the package. Please contact us for any further information.


Prize per Person​:

800 euro each person, minimum 2 people

50 euro for the additional extra night

It's possibile also for a single person, but a further adaption of the costs is to be considered.


  • hut with dinner, lunch and breakfast, room for 2-4-6 beds

  • 2 days with expert mountaineer guide certified  

  • Specific technical materials


  • transport to Piantonetto

  • materials individual

on demand is possible to add or exclude any particular activity.


  • Single room 

  • Transfer along the different places of the package

  • Extra days/nights

  • Other activities around Orco Valley

  • SPA


Piantonetto - Hut Pontese - room with 2/4 beds - 1 night

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