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Climbing Class & Lessons

4 Day - from 300 EURO

Are you fascinated on climbing or free soloing stuff like alex honnold???  do you think this rock wall are just impossible to climb? Well.. This is the right adventure for you. Try to rock climb in safety and with high professional instructor. This is an entry level package who could give you all the basics information to climb safely. Take a change!  



4 days 
Any modification or extension of the programme is available




Gran Paradiso park (Italy)


Entry level / beginners





Climing is getting popolar due to two major points: Hollywood through the big success of Free Solo movie from Alex honnold and the fact Climbing is an olympic disciplines.  

Climbing course's main point is to underline the importance of safety and to behave correctly during climbing activity. The class is structured in 4 days, which could also be adapted depending to any preferences. 

The target of the class is to develop the basic and most important tecnique and safety manouver  to climb independetely and correctly into any climbing gym or rock climbing gym.


  • Adaptable and complete course enjoyable at any age and level

  • Best rock climbing scenario available in the area


Day 1:

Fundamentals of climbing, overview on the critical manouver and practical list of do and don't action

Day 2: 

First day of climbing in a real rock route!! Just let's the feels going on, first touch on the rock and then... security! 

Day 3:

Fondamentals on clymbing style and tecnique with some overview on Boulder and other climbing style

Day 4:

Selection of the best route for an entry level followed by a nice day together with SFP team!

The package is fully customizable, in terms of days and activities. it is always possible to add or remove services, as needed.

CUSTOMIZE your Experience​:

All the services and facilities are complete adjustable, please contact us to design your experience and to get a direct evaluation of the prize.


Other Facilities or transfer? 

We can arrange all the transfer, also the ones not included in the package. Please contact us for any further information.

Prize per Person​:

  • 300 euro adaptable



  • 1 day with expert certificated climbing guide

  • specific technical materials


  • transport to Ceresole Reale

  • materials individual


on demand is possible to add or exclude any particular activity.


  • Single room 

  • Transfer along the different places of the package

  • Extra days/nights

  • Other activities around Orco Vally

  • SPA



Ceresole Reale - Le fonti Minerali Refuge - Room with 2/4 beds- 3 night

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