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 Multiactivity Orco Valley -  Ferrata, E-Bike & ZipLining

3 Days - from 400 EURO



3 days 
Any modification or extension of the programme is available




Ceresole Reale (Turin, Orco Valley - Italy)

Locana (Turin, Orco Valley - Italy)

Frassinetto (Turin, Orco Valley - Italy)



Entry level / beginners



May - October


Multi sport activities are particularly interesting to succeed in appreciate different specialties within walking distance. This package offers:

Ferrata of Locana:

The Ferrata di Locana, also known as the Ferrata di San Lorenzo Piantonetto is a well equipped via ferrata which climbs up a granite slab in the Piantonetto valley in the province of Turin. The via ferrata is modern and impeccably equipped. Dinner and overnight to the refuge Le sources.

E-Bike in Ceresole:

Tour of Ceresole Reale's lake.

The family package par excellence, the tour of the lake of Ceresole Reale is the typical scenario to live a day in lightness within a naturalistic scenario breathtaking.

Dinner and overnight at Le Fonte refuge.


Zipline in Frassinetto live the experience of angel flight, appreciating the view and feel the wind whizzing at 120 km / h in complete safety.

A zip line that allows you to live an adrenaline experience in a breathtaking landscape safely.


  • Easy and very panoramic Via Ferrata to try safely an experience of verticality. Presence of a Tibetan bridge.

  • Easy and panoramic lake tour.

  • Experience the experience of angel flight, appreciating the view and feeling the wind speeding at 120 km / h



Day 1:

meeting at Locana with GA, meeting and material check.

Approach in drive to the via ferrata and start of the route.

At the end, a Sinoira snack will be offered at KM 0 at the Santa Pulenta bar in Locana.

Dinner and overnight at the Le fonti Minerali refuge.

Day 2:

meeting at il Pirata bar to choose the right e-bikes;
departure along the lake along the beautiful path that runs around it in the round, until you get to cross the dam to admire the panorama from a single point.
along the way it will be possible to stop along the different areas dedicated to the picnic.

To the term a snack will be offered up to KM 0 at the Il Pirata bar in Ceresole.

Dinner and overnight at Le fonti Minerali refuge.

Day 3:

Wake up and breakfast, then meeting at 10 am at Frassinetto (TO), at the parking lot of the Arcansel.

Material preparation and transfer at the departure of the flight angel.


The package is fully customizable, in terms of days and activities. IS' it is always possible to add or remove services, as needed.

CUSTOMIZE your Experience​:

All the services and facilities are complete adjustable, please contact us to design your experience and to get a direct evaluation of the prize.


Other Facilities or transfer? 

We can arrange all the transfer, also the ones not included in the package. Please contact us for any further information.

Prize per Person​:

  • 500 Euro per person, 2 people

  • 450 Euro per person, 3 people

  • 400 Euro per person, 4 people



  • hut with dinner and breakfast, room for 2-4-6 beds

  • 1 day with expert mountaineer guide certified 

  • 1 day with expert MTB guide certified  

  • specific technical materials

  • at the end of each day, Sinoira snack with tasting of typical products at KM 0

  • e-bike rent


  • transport to Ceresole Reale

  • materials individual


on demand is possible to add or exclude any particular activity.


  • Single room 

  • Transfer along the different places of the package

  • Extra days/nights

  • Other activities around Orco Vally

  • SPA

  • Zip Line in Frassinetto



Ceresole Reale - Le fonti Minerali Refuge - Room with 2/4 beds- 3 night

If you want to live a multisport experience by trying 3 different activities, this is the right package for you.

Ideal for families with children, who can have fun and get excited on the Zip Line and on the easy via ferrata of Locana.

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