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Gran Paradiso park (Italy)


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That the Piedmont side of the Gran Paradiso National Park is one of the wildest corners of all the Alps is a well-known argument, and those who have been there can only confirm it. This has allowed wildlife to thrive like in few other places, and it is therefore easy to come across animals while hiking and walking.

The reasons are many and start from afar: in 1856 King Vittorio Emanuele II declared the Gran Paradiso mountains, the only "4000" placed entirely in Italian territory, in 1856, saving the Alpine ibex (Capra ibex) from extinction, now disappeared from the whole Alpine arc, except for a few hundreds of specimens distributed precisely around the Gran Paradiso massif: from this moment on only the king and the royal family will be able to hunt it.

At that time, between 1860 and 1900, 325 kilometers of mule tracks were built or adapted that connected five "royal hunting houses", located at 2000-2200 m above sea level. The "casine" were located in Orvieille and on the floors of Nivolet (today's Savoy refuge) in Valsavarenche, at the Gran Piano di Noasca in the Orco Valley, in Dondena in the Champorcher Valley and at the Lauson in Valnontey (respectively today the Dondena and Vittorio Sella refuges)

In 1913 the last royal hunt took place; six years later Vittorio Emanuele III decided to cede the territories of the Gran Paradiso he owned to the Italian State, indicating as a condition the creation of a National Park for the protection of alpine flora and fauna.

On December 3, 1922, the Gran Paradiso National Park was established, the first Italian National Park and the gamekeepers become today's members of the surveillance body, that is, the park rangers. And it is precisely for this historical heritage that the figure of the park ranger remains a peculiarity of the Gran Paradiso National Park to this day: in all the other national parks, in fact, surveillance is entrusted to the military corps of the Carabinieri Forestali (formerly the State Forestry Corps). , as well as in the large US national parks it is entrusted to the "Forester", the so-called "rangers".

Starting from the protected area, the ibex will gradually begin to repopulate the Alps, both spontaneously and with the reintroduction of animals captured there. In recent years, the Park has seen an increase in wildlife presence with the return of the wolf and the first nesting of the bearded vulture in the Western Alps.


Starting from the second post-war period, the presence of the Park and a mix of geographical, naturalistic, historical and cultural factors meant that the alpine valleys affected by the protected area remained outside the dynamics linked to the development of mass tourism, preserving their 'authenticity. These factors reverberated with particular intensity in the Orco and Soana valleys, located on the Piedmontese side of the Park: two valleys whose destiny seems to be that of seeing the return of nature and the extinction of man.

Taking a trip to the territory of the Gran Paradiso National Park means experiencing the thrill of a full-immersion in one of the largest "wilderness" areas of all the Alps: large uncontaminated spaces, glaciers, rushing streams, close encounters with fauna. wild, mountains that have made the history of mountaineering (even if not the one on the cover), legendary walls that have baptized modern climbing, tranquility, silence, concentration, genuine but sincere hospitality, never flattering.

It is the ideal place to practice nature photography and admire wildlife in its natural habitat; if you are a photography enthusiast or are simply interested in discovering unique animals contact us, we can organize a tailor-made photographic tour, with a hiking guide and professional photographer.


  • Easy trekking and panoramic view with professional photographer to take wild life and animals in nature.

  • Uncontaminated places with wild and savavege fauna



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meeting at Ceresole with Guide and Professional photographer,  and material check.

The package is fully customizable, in terms of days and activities. IS' it is always possible to add or remove services, as needed.

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  • specific technical materials


  • transport to Ceresole Reale

  • materials individual


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If you want to live an amazing naturalistic experience with our professional photographer, this is the right package for you.

Ideal for amateur photograph or experienced one, our team will led you on wild and savage scenario full of wild animals to catch with the camera.


Il Gipeto in tutta la sua maestosita'

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Da qualche anno e' tornato a nidificare nelle Alpi Occidentali, e ha scelto proprio il Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso come sua nuova casa

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Il Gipeto in tutta la sua maestosita'

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