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5 tips for Naturalistic photography

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Our nature photographers suggests these 5 tips to approach the world of wildlife photography to start photography and maintain a sustainable behavior of respect for wildlife

1. Distance from animals

Distance from the animals and as quiet as possible: in this way the subjects will not escape and it will be possible to photograph them in full respect. We are guests, the park is truly their home.

2. Lightness

Lightest possible equipment, which allows you to be agile in trekking and which does not tire too much as the hours go by.

3. Photographic material

As a selection of photographic material I recommend a super telephoto zoom lens, to contain costs and weight compared to fixed lenses and to be able to set or portray subjects.


4.Timing and sacrifice

Get up early to be on the spot with the first light of dawn or dusk: both periods are great for making the atmosphere of the photos just spectacular.

5. Suitable clothing and equipment

Be equipped with clothing and accessories suitable to protect yourself from cold, wind and water. The climate in the mountains can change very quickly, and even the times of the day have significant variations in humidity and temperature.



Nature photography is certainly a fascinating discipline, but at the same time delicate and demanding. The commitment is not only to take interesting photographs, but to know how to respect nature and blend into the natural setting. To be sustainable and to be able to make the Instagram post with more likes, unfortunately it is not that simple and capturing wild animals in their habitat requires time and perseverance. If you want to try nature photography experience and capture wild animals here is our proposal to get closer to the world of nature photography ... Ready to Play?


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