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5 tips to start climbing

Arrampicata al Masso della Riscoperta, Ceresole Reale
Climbing course at Sergent, Ceresole Reale

Sport climbing has become an Olympic sport, with a growing following. It offers strong emotions and a healthy lifestyle, based on the Outdoor and the contact with nature.

Here are 5 tips from our South Face Paradise climbing instructors for those who want to get closer to this activity.


The equipment needed to start climbing is as follows:

  • rope 60-70 meters from the crag: about 100 euros on Amazon

  • harness, preferably with all regular straps: from 50 euros up Amazon

  • shoes: from 50 euros up Amazon

  • 10-12 referrals, starting from 40 euros up Amazon

  • Grigri i.e. Amazon

With this set you have everything you need to get started, now all you need is the companion and a climbing course to properly secure your partner.

Gli allievi si esercitano con le manovre di sicurezza.
At the base of the Masso della Riscoperta, Ceresole Reale


The suggestion is to start with comfortable shoes (number of sneakers), and suitable for different climbing styles that are not too technical (starting from 30 euros on Decathlon) At the beginning, it is better to avoid the use of too arched shoes which are especially useful for high levels of difficulty, higher than 6b.


The first approach step remains the climbing gym, where it is possible to do tests in complete safety supported by authorized instructors or mountain guides. As soon as possible, and downstream of a course that has explained the maneuvers in safety to you in detail, move to the cliff and experience the emotion and the feeling of freedom that the contact of the rock offers. 4. PHYSICAL TRAINING For the simpler grades of climbing up to 6a there are no particular physical requirements, net of good physical health and no injury or muscle or tendon inflammation. Generally, before starting physical activity, it is recommended to do a warm-up phase to avoid damage to tendons or muscles. 5. CLASSES

The fundamental requirement of sport climbing is that it is done safely with the right maneuvers and belay / progression techniques. The suggestion is to first take a course that helps the neophyte to be confident with the maneuvers and the equipment, and that following some "pitches" climbed together with the instructor can then practice independently. From a technical point of view, however, it follows a very simple concept: "the more you climb, the more you improve" :-)

Falesia del Masso della Riscoperta, Ceresole Reale
Cliff of the Masso della Riscoperta, Ceresole Reale


Net of the general advice for those who want to start climbing, the concept that must remain is that climbing is a fun and passionate sport suitable for all ages and training conditions, but at the same time dangerous and must therefore be practiced carefully. and with the right knowledge of safety techniques.

So the final advice is to contact the South Face Paradise instructors to organize a tailor-made course in complete safety.

Here our proposal to approach the vertical world .. Ready to play?

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