1 Day - 200 EURO



1 day 
Any modification or extension of the programme is available



Ceresole Reale (Turin, Orco Valley - Italy)




itinerary type: canal difficulty: I / 4.1 / E1

prevailing exposure downhill: Northeast

start altitude (m): 1580 summit altitude / maximum altitude (m): 3290

total height difference (m): 1710


 April- June


  • Complete tour both for the variety of the slopes, for the development, and for the difference in altitude.

  • Steep ski descent on 45 ° slopes.

  • Breathtaking panorama on Ceresole Reale and the Gran Paradiso Park.



Meeting at Ceresole with the Alpine Guide.

Travel by car to the start of the itinerary and start of the climb.

At the end of each day, Sinoira snack with tasting of typical products at KM 0 included in the price.

The package is fully customizable, in terms of days and activities. It is always possible to add or remove services, as needed.

CUSTOMIZE your Experience​:

All the services and facilities are complete adjustable, please contact us to design your experience and to get a direct evaluation of the prize.


Other Facilities or transfer? 

We can arrange all the transfer, also the ones not included in the package. Please contact us for any further information.


Prize per Person​:

200 Euro (min 4 people)

250 Euro (min 3 people)

350 Euro (min 2 people)

50 euro for the additional extra night

It's possibile also for a single person, but a further adaption of the costs is to be considered.


  • Sinoira snack with tasting of typical products at KM 0

  • 1 days with expert mountaineer guide certified  

  • Specific technical materials


  • transport to Ceresole Reale

  • materials individual

on demand is possible to add or exclude any particular activity.


  • Transfer along the different places of the package

  • Extra night

  • Other activities around Orco Valely

  • SPA



Orco Valley Skitouring - Colle Perduto

The most beautiful steep ski descent of the entire southern slope of Gran Paradiso!

Complete spring trip, which ranges from wide slopes, to steep walls, up to attacking the lost hill, along a gully with slopes up to 45 °, to exit at its end in the middle of the Levanne.

From here the view over Ceresole and the whole park is guaranteed!

Lost Coulouir and three Levanne