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For all those who wish to have holistic experiences, it is possible to integrate relaxation and psychophysical well-being to the various activities.



Walking meditation (individual or group)

it is a simple practice that everyone's may do, even for people who do not normally practice meditation.

Comfortable shoes and clothing are required.

Its purpose is to permit the discover and experience the individual's contact with himself by an action that is usualy done, automatically and unawares.

Walking meditation helps you get in touch with yourself, with your happiness in the “here and now”, wherever you are.

The walking meditation session lasts around 30/40.

The operator explains the purposes and method, then moves on to practice.

At the end of the experimentation, a little sharing about the own feelings with the operator.

Guided meditation with decoding (individual or group)

After a first phase of relaxation and breathing, the operator leads the person to meditation through the request to view images.

At the end of the meditation, the person can share what observed with the operator who proceeds to decode the messages using his talent and the method proposed by Baba Bedi.

The duration of the session varies from 40 to 60 minutes depending on the number of participants.

Osho Meditations

They were created by Osho and are suitable for people who wish to contact their self through movement meditation.

They develop in different phases: moving, sitting and lying on the ground.

Kundalini meditation - total duration 1 hour - 4 phases

Heart meditation - total duration 1 hour - 3 phases

Dynamic Meditation - total duration 1 hour - 5 phases

Gibberish meditation - total duration 40 minutes - 3 phases

Personal Session - Psychosomathic and Therapy of Consciousness

During a private interview, the operator identifies the origin of the energy blocks described by the person who manifest themselves  as physical body ailments.

He uses his talent and the method proposed by Baba Bedi.

Then, the operator indicates the appropriate energy treatment to restore the balance of the person's energy flow.

The overall duration varies from 60 to 80 minutes.

Shutaido© Treatment

It is done by the operator who channels Thin Energies through the Shutaido©  technique which has the value of raising the vibrations of all beings on the planet.

This treatment, allows to identify and transmute blockages in the physical body and subtle bodies of the person.

Total duration about 50 minutes

Osteoquantique© Treatment

It is done by the operator who channels Thin Energies through the Osteoquantique©  technique which has the value of cleanliness, rebalancing and energy stabilization of physical body and subtle bodies of the person.

Total duration about 50 minutes

Universal Reiki Treatment

It is done by the operator who channels Universal Energy through the tecnique of Usui-Karuna-Tibetan Reiki.

The tratment allows to reload, relax and trigger the wellness process in the person.

It rebalance chakras energy or trat specific parts of the body

Total duration about 50 minutes

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is a form of yoga (a word that means "union") that is practiced with your eyes closed lying on the ground on a mat, in what is commonly called the position of the corpse or Shavasana. This is why nidra (literally "sleep"): because during the technique we are asleep but in a state of "conscious sleep", in which our consciousness works on a deeper level.

Staying in this position you are guided by the teacher's voice in a visualization, a profound experience at various levels of being. It acts deeply and progressively to eliminate 3 fundamental tensions: muscular, emotional and mental.

It is not an ordinary relaxation technique, but it is a conscious relaxation, in which the contact between our subconscious and unconscious dimension occurs spontaneously. It is therefore also a restructuring technique that can reprogram the unconscious and help us undertake significant transformations in our lives.

Happy Walking

Laughter yoga is a unique practice that combines unconditional laughter (without humor) with yogic breathing (Pranayama). Through laughter exercises, games and techniques for the release of emotions, people lets go the rational mental state that normally inhibits laughter and find their inner laughter, the one that flows from the stomach, tickles our throat and explodes thunderously until it leaves us breathless.

It is an excellent activity to be carried out in a group or family to find complicity, a desire to play and to express ourself freely. This technique, combined with a pleasant and invigorating walk in the mountains, will give emotions capable of connecting with your most intimate self and with your family or friends in a unique and full of wonder experience.


Through personal experience, I understood, in joy, that my life mission is to help people reach a state of mental and physical wellness.

I am grateful to be a means of the Energy.

I wish to share and make available the practices I have acquired towards those who feel themselves ready to undertake a path in  search for their own self, for their integrity.

I am one of the founding partners of the AICS Association "CENTRO EVOLUZIONE QUANTICA" in TURIN.

I conduct seminars, experiential and meditation sessions, conferences.

Titles and skills:

- Shutaido© Instructor year 2020

- Osteoquantique© Operator since 2019

- Universal Reiki Master since 2018

- Objective Symbology  since 2017

- Guided Meditation with decoded meaning  since  2017

- Psychosomathic and Therapy of Consciousness  since 2017

- Crystal Therapy - Basic , Operator since 2017

- Operator for Treatments Shutaido© and Reiki since 2016


Sara Bergamasco

I firmly believe that most of our physical ailments derive from a habit of living life without asking ourselves what its true meaning is for us and what it is really worth living it to the full. So in the same way I am convinced that everything we need to live a full life, in physical and psychophysical well-being, is already within us: just listen.

In 2019 I was formed Laughter Yoga Leader at Laughter Yoga University and since then I have led sessions with different groups, guiding people to rediscover the authentic laughter, its healing and cathartic power, its ability to get in touch with our deeper nature (our inner child).

In 2020 I deepened the conduct of the Yoga Nidra relaxation technique, a technique that leads people into a state of conscious sleep, in which body and mind are able to relax tensions and promote certain brain aspects, such as creativity, problem solving, decreasing stress and increasing relaxation.

My course of study in Psychobiological Counseling at the Unipsi in Turin is allowing me to learn the approach to the well-being of people in a holistic sense.

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Sandra Orso Giacone


We can offer different extra activity, located in Orco Valley or in Canavese.

If interested, please contact us, and we organize as you prefer:

  • SPA in Noasca

  • Training and courses for mountaineering, climbing, ski touring, etc..

  • Yoga, Reiky & meditation

  • Food and Wine tours

  • Zip Line in Frassinetto

  • Adventure Park in Locana

  • Visit to the castles (Aglie', Masino, and so)

  • Visit to Reggia di Venaria

  • Visit to " Storico Carnevale di Ivrea"

  • Visit to the vineyards and degustation

  • Horseback riding

  • Canoa in Soana Valley

  • Paragliding in Orco Valley

  • Transfer from Milan & Turin airport to Orco Valley

  • E-bike, MTB and technical equipment rent

  • Running

  • Hicking on Via Francigena

  • Sport fishing

  • Windsurf, kayak and canoa in Ceresole Lake

  • Cross country skiing



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